Along with the development of its brand is the knowledge and experience accumulation with a view to enhance the product quality. As evident as this is the fact that we have to become the supplier of high quality non-woven fabric for over 300 partners.

Since early 2017, with the message "Protect the public health" we implemented to produce surgical masks, desiring to roll out one kind of quality masks with optimim uses that can protect its comsummers. Identifying our customers is the central goal, throughout production, from researching the product, choosing material, producing in the closed cycle to check quality of the products, all of which are thus meticulously, conscientiously to roll out the perfect customer-driven items in different areas.

With a desire to turn a mask into a real companion the secures the public healthy daily, Maza focuses on developing technology to enhance the quality as well as cut down the price, for our products can be approach and protect citizen's health in every part of the world.

"Healthy community, Satisfied partners, sustainable business"

Conscientious in quality - Devoted in the serviceVisionMission


GENIUS: We believe that high quality person are the backboned of business organization, with the goal creating a dynamic, fun working environment, we highly appreciate and welcome people have talent, ethical, and having the same value system of working with MAZA. We always create the best conditions for each individual and employee to promote their best abilities, contribute the most to organization, and also enjoy succeed that individuals and their families deserve to have it.

CLIENT: Providing customers with outstanding products and services is one of the core values ​​that Maza always head toward. With the heart and mind head to public health, Maza commits to provide quality products to customers, for the benefit and health of everybody, every home in the world. All products, policies, regulations, and business principles of Maza are toward the highest goal is to bring customers peace of mind and satisfaction. Customers are families, health and interests of customers are the motivation, also the top goal, all Maza's activities have been directed at the present and in the future.

CREATIVITY: There is never a different result with the same formula and way of doing, so keep moving forward creating new values, new knowledge for the community and society are what that Maza-oriented in specific actions in the way of thinking and ways to launch the market, bringing customers the best products. Always dynamite and creative in order to adapt to market changes, diversification products and services, combine with advanced and modern technologies to create sophisticated products in each little detail, required the demand and the health of everybody in every home and beyond, MAZA wishes to contribute to spreading innovation spirit to partners, to everyone, always ready to change for better.

PERFECTION: Perfect in style, in communication, in every product and service is the standard that Maza strives to achieve in everything. We always keep trying to reach the highest professionalism with quality in each product, beauty in each smallest detailed. Maza had internal resources, and all resources to keep moving to perfection.

COOPERATION: MAZA highly promotes the spirit of cooperation both internally and externally, the performance that we want to see is sincerely, goodwill cooperation with strategic partners, bringing harmonize interests and create a strong communities. We believe that with this type of cooperation, we will build a strong organization, while creating credibility and high reliability in both internal and external relationships. Synergy-Foundation for the breakout.

RESPONSIBILITY: Recognizing the responsibility of business organization to the community with partners and staff, MAZA always strives to create positive impacts in many ways: brands, products or Commercial activities and relationships with partners. This social responsibility is a leading business principle, a guideline for all future business activities of MAZA.

Core Values