Associated with more than 10 big manufacturing and more than 100 small production facilities stretching from the South to the North, we are always proud to become manufacturing and processing bases of masks with high supply to customer’s demand and the best input quality testing process today.

From main raw material directly process from the manufacturing company, with more than 10 years in the field of textiles, and the combination of advanced technology transferred from Korea and developed countries, from a harmonious combination between Polypropylene and some essential components, with international standard production lines, have created a durable nonwoven fabric, good dust filter and environmentally friendly. And with the cooperation with a chain of leading partners in Vietnam, we have created a comprehensive co-space and a good ability to respond to the current market.

Khau-trang-MAZA-gia-cong-1 Khau-trang-MAZA-gia-cong-2

In addition to domestic raw materials, we are always looking for quality sources around the globe. Especially, we always choose antibacterial paper origin from Germany, Poland, Turkey or Korea. In order to ensure the quality and accuracy of raw materials, we always re-test before deciding to use and periodically test during use.

With the stability of our raw materials, our factory's cohesion, and the strict quality control, sterilization and packaging processes of medical standards, we are confident that we can deliver a Standard product, satisfy all clients and customers.