First of all, on behalf of Hoang Minh Anh Import Export and Trading Joint Stock Company, we would like to send to our partners good health and success. As you know, Hoang Minh Anh Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in manufacturing and supplying medical equipment. Over many years of accompanying and developing with partners around the world, Hoang Minh Anh Joint Stock Company has determined three basic criteria and considered it as a sole guideline in business:
     I / For partners: "Always accompanying"
For all individuals or units that are partners of our Company or not yet partners. Hoang Minh Anh Import and Export Joint Stock Company always clearly determines in the course of business activities between our Company and the partner will be jointly developed. No matter how the economic situation changes, we will always support and help the partners who are partners in meeting the full supply of medical equipment. And an important thing, not because of the changing economic situation, the price of products will be dramatically changed for partner units.
     II / For consumers: "Always pioneering in quality"

Currently, the COVID-19 disease situation is escalating day by day, there will be individuals or units because of market heat that compete in the production of medical equipment. Accompanied by products that are not qualified or not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health. Hoang Minh Anh Import Export & Trading Joint Stock Company always commits that the products and equipment manufactured by our Company always meet the prestigious domestic and foreign tests.

     III / For public health: "Always the" responsibility "of our Company"

For Hoang Minh Anh Import and Export Trading Joint Stock Company, what we committed to bringing is "Responsibility" - the responsibility of a company in the process of reaching out to the world in the manufacture and supply of medical equipment. Ensuring the Company's medical equipment and facilities to protect the health of people in the best way is always a priority and important responsibility of the entire Board of Directors.