Different types of face masks: Which ones are best?

Different types of face masks: Which ones are best?
In this complicated epidemic situation, wearing a mask helps prevent respiratory diseases very well, but we have to determine how much, what risks, when and when to use it.

Here are 3 basic groups of masks on the market:

I. Medical Mask

a. What is a medical mask?

A medical mask is a protective mask used to cover the face (usually nose, mouth) to prevent the wearer from being infected with bacteria, diseases, and dust through the respiratory tract. Medical masks are widely used in medical facilities, providing for doctors, nurses, forensic examiners, etc. Especially those doing surgical work. General indications for the use of standard medical masks include:

- When splashing, shooting, or spraying body fluids

- When near secretions from a distance of 1.5 meters or less

- When working in sterile environments

Structure of 3-layer medical mask

Medical masks have 3 or 4 layers:

- The inner and outer layers: Soft SS non-woven fabric is waterproof, not ruffled. SMS non-woven fabric has antibacterial effect.

- Middle layer: MB antibacterial paper - prevent fine dust and most types of bacteria in the environment.

b. The effects of medical masks

Medical masks have three main effects: prevent dust, prevent chemicals (including car smoke), and prevent microorganisms. Microbiological respirators must be manufactured using special materials and technologies.

When using medical mask products, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the duration and number of uses to ensure the safety of your health.

Medical masks should be used only by physicians and medical personnel

c. Which brand of medical mask is good?

  1.  MAZA PLUS 3 layers và 4 layers
  2.  MAZA NANO 4 layers
  3.  MAZA VN95 Valvewithout Valve
II. Antibacterial Mask

a. What is an antibacterial mask?

An antibacterial mask is a mask with 3 or 4 layers, the outer layer is SS non-woven fabric, other layers are SMS non-woven fabric OR MB antibacterial paper.

Currently, there are antibacterial fabric masks that are treated by the method of bringing antibacterial agents to the fabric surface in different ways such as soaking, coating, or spraying, etc.

Structure of 3-layer antibacterial mask

b. Effects of antibacterial masks

Antibacterial masks have the same basic effects as medical masks but cannot be used in complex medical activities such as surgery or forensic examination, etc.

An antibacterial mask can also be used to prevent respiratory diseases and droplets when sneezing or coughing. Antibacterial masks should not be washed for multiple uses, however, masks made of antibacterial fabrics can be washed 10-20 times while still retaining the antibacterial function. The number of washings depends on the antibacterial agent used.

Antibacterial masks can prevent respiratory diseases

c. Which brand of antibacterial mask is good?

  1. MAZA NANO 3 layers
  2. MAZA FAMILY 3 layers và 4 layers
  3. MAZA ALL 3 layers và 4 layers
III. Dust-resistant Masks
a. What is a Dust-resistant mask?

A dust-resistant mask is a mask made of 3 to 4 layers of non-woven fabric, without an antibacterial paper layer.

b. The effects of Dust-resistant masks

The function of Dust-resistant masks is to filter large dust particles, exhaust fumes, and protect the skin from harmful agents.

Dust- resistant masks can not prevent bacteria

Dust-resistant masks are not used in medical activities nor are they effective against diseases, bacteria spread through the respiratory tract and droplets when coughing or sneezing.

A Dust-resistant mask can be washed multiple times.

c. Which brand of Dust-resistant mask is good?

  1. MAZA ECO 3 layerslayers
IV. How to choose the right mask in each situation

Wearing a mask helps prevent respiratory diseases very well, but we have to determine how much, what risks, when, and when to use the appropriate mask.

- Buying masks at pharmacies or large grocery stores to ensure origin. Do not buy masks for sale along the sidewalk.

- Face mask production process is strict. Therefore, when buying, you should carefully check the information printed on the packaging including the brand, place of manufacture, ingredients, expiry date, certificates.

- There are many types of masks, with many features such as sun protection, dustproof, prevent bacteria, viruses. Therefore, you should choose the right mask. For example, going to the hospital should choose the anti-bacteria, virus; If you go out, you should choose a mask that protects against the sun and dust.

- You should choose a mask that fits, not too tight or too wide. A mask that covers both the mouth and nose should be used. Do not pull masks down your chin occasionally.

- Medical masks should only be used once.